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Is Your Brain Holding You Back From Being A Successful Start-Up Entrepreneur?

Now, You Can Re-Train Your Brain to Get Rid of The Mental Blocks That Are Stopping You From Succeeding!

Discover Our Breakthrough Approach to Being a Start-Up Entrepreneur

Do any of these sound like your start-up situations?

You are beginning your Start-up and have fears and concerns that are stopping you from moving forward?

You have begun your Start-up, but are having limited success?

You are moving along with your Start-up, but struggling to reach greater levels of success?

So the next question is - if this describes where you're at in the start-up process, then are you experiencing any of these blocks affecting your ability to:

  • Analyze the benefits and risks involved with achieving your goals?
  • See yourself as an effective and successful entrepreneur?
  • Find contacts and team members?
  • Approach potential investors, mentors and coaches?
  • Answer questions and objections?
  • Do follow-up?
  • Ask people to invest?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have other issues, you can now take control of your success by re-training your brain to eliminate these mental blocks and even more.

Why is this important to your succeeding?

It’s because the way your brain is wired is stopping you from creating the level of accomplishment you want to achieve. YOU CAN SOLVE THIS by experiencing my research validated and proven Switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur (SOSE) program where you will re-educate your brain to reach amazing new levels of entrepreneurial success.

Leaders who endorse this revolutionary approach

This work with the brain has been endorsed by these leaders in the Professional and Business Development field:

Brian Tracey Author The Psychology of Selling
Dr. Nido Quebein President High Point University
Jack Canfield Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul
Mark Victor Hansen Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul
Dr. Joe Vitale Author Attract Money Now
Marci Shimoff Author Happy for No Reason
Dr. John Demartini Author The Breakthrough Exerience
Willie Jolley Radio TV Personality
Daniel Burrus Author, Futurist Techno Trends

Here’s what Jeff Eaddy had to say about the bottom-line impact of the SOSE Seminar

Play the video

Want some real proof?

There is a group in Charlottesville, Virginia training Homeless People to become Entrepreneurs and they had me conduct my SOSE seminar. To measure the level of change they experienced, I had the attendees fill out a 15-item questionnaire three times:

  • At the start of the seminar day to see where they were at
  • At the end of the day to see what changed
  • A month later to see if the changes held

Well, here’s a taste of the almost unbelievable results from the attendees responding to one of these statements on the questionnaire – I am an Effective and Successful Start-up Entrepreneur.

Training Results

Let me explain what this graph is showing. At the beginning of the seminar, as you might expect with a group of homeless people, every single attendee responded negatively to this statement with 80% selecting Disagree and 20% selecting Strongly Disagree (the yellow bars).

Do you think having 100% of the attendees viewing themselves as not being an effective and successful entrepreneur would impact their success as a Start-up Entrepreneur? ABSOLUTELY!

At the end of the seminar, not a single person was still on the negative side when they responded to the questionnaire. Now, 20% selected Agree and 80% picked Strongly Agree.

Mind-Blowing Results
One Month Later

Here’s where the impact of the Switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur Seminar becomes totally mind-blowing!

Every one of the attendees were still on the positive side with
40% selecting Agree and 60% selecting Strongly Agree.

Now imagine the kinds of very dramatic changes you can experience and how it will impact your ability to pursue your dreams of success as an entrepreneur!

Creatively Rewire Your Brain To Sell Faster

Read what Inc. has to say about the Switched-On approach.

Here’s what 3 of the participants had to say about the impact that this seminar had on them. To say their comments were powerful would be an understatement, so watch the videos and judge for yourself.

Becky Blanton
Meryl Ann Butler
David Durovy

Case study

A Company Did Its Own Bottom Line Research

I want to tell you about Kevin Kordek, President of A-Active Termite and Pest Control Company in Virginia Beach, VA.

Kevin is quite an Entrepreneur. He’s been President of the National Pest Management Association. His business was selected twice as one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia and he was selected as Hampton Roads Business Person of the Year.

During the middle of the Great Recession, Kevin heard me speak to a group he belonged to called Entrepreneurs’ Organization and he decided to have half his sales force attend a version of Switched-On Start-up Entrepreneur Seminar which is called Switched-On Selling (SOS) and is designed to switch salespeople on for the selling process.

Most companies will send their top salespeople to training programs hoping to jump their numbers even a little. Instead, I specifically told Kevin to send his mid-level and mediocre salespeople to the class. After a very long discussion to convince Kevin, he finally agreed.

Kevin was very heavily into tracking statistics and he found that 6 of the 8 people who attended the seminar immediately jumped above his top tier salespeople. They actually created a new, even higher top tier!

A few months later, I was conducting the SOS Seminar again and the former top tier people demanded that Kevin put them through the program. The results were amazing.

I’ll let Kevin tell you what happened and how this even affected the sale of his company five years later.

Kevin Kordek

As you heard from Kevin, these Seminars are not seminars that you have to believe in for them to work! All you need to do is go through the experience and participate in each video module and the rewiring will happen automatically.
The end result for you – No more mental blocks for you as a Start-Up Entrepreneur! Your brain has experienced a re-education.

There's Research on the Ability of Our Brains to Change Very Quickly

A study was published in Cell Metabolism Journal on the neuroplasticity of the brain. In this study, the participants were all healthy but inactive men and women who were asked to exercise briefly. The researchers found that even this short amount of exercise actually caused important structural and chemical changes in the DNA molecules in their muscles.

As in this study, the SOSE Seminar is using very simple and easy to do body movements and exercises called Brain Gym® that are changing your DNA structure in your body.

Let me tell you about myself

I’m an entrepreneur myself. I started my own business as a speaker, trainer, consultant and pioneer in the field of stress management. I built my business up over 44 years and with my experience studying the brain, I’m uniquely qualified to guide you to your own entrepreneurial success. I’ve authored 9 books and two of my latest books, Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success and Switched-On Networking: Balance Your Brain for Networking Success became Bestsellers on Amazon.

I created the Switched-On Series of training programs using the brain rewiring approach called Brain Gym® to teach salespeople, network marketers, internet marketers, and managers how to use my research validated, proven approach to succeed far beyond their wildest dreams. I’ve probably done more validation studies with clients than any other trainer or training company out there. For me personally, it’s actually pretty gratifying to see the level of change that happens so quickly and easily for participants.

I’ve spoken to many CEO level groups, such as:

Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), World Presidents’ Organization, The Executive Committee Canada, Vistage International and CEO Clubs. YPO has sent me around the world 4 times speaking to chapters.

A little more background on me. Originally an attorney, I switched gears and got a Masters and Doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences. I’m on the Board of Directors of Brain Gym International and have served on the Board of the Energy Kinesiology Association.

I am currently President and CEO of Jerry Teplitz Enterprises Inc. and as a professional speaker, I have spoken at over 1800 meetings and to over one million people. I conduct seminars in the areas of leadership, management, stress management, employee productivity and sales development.

The Canadian Society of Association Executives has selected me to be an ASSOCIATION EXCELLENCE SPEAKER and the Professional Convention Management Association has selected me to be a BEST-IN-CLASS Speaker.


How Was This Seminar Created?

In creating the Switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur Seminar, I simply took the same process that’s used in the Switched-On Selling Seminar and adapted it to fit what you, as a Start-Up Entrepreneur, need to overcome your mental blocks to succeed.

Keep in mind there is no other Entrepreneurial oriented training program that incorporates this very powerful, unique approach.

As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine, Entrepreneur William T. Brooks, ran a multi-million-dollar sales training company. He had me conduct my switched-on training for him to speak to him and his staff. Here’s what Brooks said about the seminar, “This seminar will eliminate your personal barriers to being more successful.

Have You Ever Attended A Seminar That Actually Delivers These Kinds Of Spectacular Results?

I’m Sure Your Response is Probably Never

So, I have one question for you...

Would you be willing to spend a short amount of time taking an online seminar which would be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before? A seminar guaranteed to switch you on to a dramatically higher level of success with your Start-Up?

That is precisely what the Switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur Online Seminar will do for you…so long as you:


Just passively watch the videos in the modules


Actively participate with me and the audience

As you’ll quickly discover, your success will be in the moving and doing…so, get up and join in!

This Seminar will work for you, too!

This will allow you to transform your entrepreneur abilities, in just minutes, to do what needs to be done for you to succeed. And You Can Start Right Now!

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I do have one request concerning the 60-day money-back guarantee (it’s a request and not a requirement). Since you are going to find this online training to be so completely different from anything you have ever experienced, my request is that you finish at least half the modules before asking for a refund.

This is because I want to give you the time you need to begin experiencing the changes in yourself so that you will know that this program is really worth continuing.

By now, you’re probably asking..

What exactly will I get in the Switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur Online Seminar?

Get The Seminar

By purchasing this online streaming course, you’ll:

  • Receive a personal code to access your Special Members Only area where you will be able to take the 20 online modules at your own pace
  • Receive access to the 46-page participant manual
  • Take the Pre-Course Questionnaire to see where you’re at now as a Start-Up Entrepreneur
  • Complete a questionnaire at the end of training to see how you’ve transformed
  • You’ll be able to complete a final questionnaire 30 days later, so you can confirm and reinforce that your transformations have really taken place
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The music and the messages are designed to work with the subconscious part of your brain. Since it is subliminal, it means you don’t have to stop and listen to it. Just play it an hour a day when you are having to sell your product or service. It’s yours to keep even if you return the program.

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The video Creating High Energy Websites and PR Materials does just that. Use the same system for reaching your highest potential in your communications as Chicken Soup for The Soul series co-authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen do. Canfield says, “We use Dr. Teplitz method for every Chicken Soup book we do.” And, Hansen agrees. “I know that the work that you did in raising the ‘energy’ of the covers and the contents of our books to their highest levels was an extraordinary boost in helping make these books runaway bestsellers. I would encourage any author, or graphic designer, or public relations person to use your service."

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